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Smart money clips can really change the way your pants fit. Money clips are a great alternative to people looking to flatten out their pants.

In fact, a money clip is basically the only alternative a slim fit suit wearer has. This is because a wallet is too bulky and will look like it is being strangled against your leg in one of these suits.

I don’t know why it took so long, but finally a company has created a money clip with two sides.

Keeping your suit pants thin with a wallet, cell phone, and set of keys can be difficult. This bright invention is compact, lightweight, and will take some of the burden off removing keys from your key ring.

This little invention is spring loaded and can hold up to thirty bills and five credit cards. I like to keep my cell phone on the left side and my key ring and clip on the right side. This keeps my cell from getting scratched from either of the other two.

I highly recommend you put your keys back on your key ring and get this clip. This is a perfect solution for people living in America or another nation that does not use coins very often.

However, I would caution our friends to the north of us against buying this type of money holder. I don’t know what it is like for the average Canadian, but while I was there I had trouble keeping track of my one dollar coins.

I placed the one dollar coins in the change purse of my wallet and kept the other coins out as loose change in my pocket. People using smart money clips in this situation wouldn’t have any place to separate their dollar coins and the rest of their coinage.

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