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Solid Suit

The solid suit is a plain suit consisting of only one color. This suit does not have any designs such as windowpanes, pinstripes, or checkered patterns.

Solid colored suits are very popular in colors such as black, navy blue, charcoal gray, and even white. You will also find them in a wide array of other colors like brown, khaki, tan, and even purple.

This type of suit is great for office situations as it is very non-distracting. It is also very versatile and can be worn with all sorts of accessories. Choosing a shirt or tie is easy with this suit because you can choose any type of design to match the suit.

While the pinstripe suit is great for interviews and for visually asserting your authority, the pattern-less suit is great for blending in and relating to your co-workers, sales prospects, and customers.

The plain solid suit can be paired with a pair of plain black shoes, a white shirt, and a solid tie to give off a very formal and non-descript look. This is great for formal events as well as for giving speeches in.

You’ll notice that some politicians will wear this type of outfit in an attempt to try to look like they can relate to their fellow citizens.

Another way to use this suit is to pair it up with a more lively shirt and tie. Since the suit is not very distracting on its own, the tie can quickly and easily become your focal point. It is a nice choice for those looking to show off a flashy new tie.

This suit is a staple among business wardrobes and should absolutely be in your closet. A solid colored suit should be the first or second type of suit that you buy. Mix and match your accessories with it and you have a wide range of outfits to use each week.

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