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Suit Designs

Suit designs come in all shapes, sizes, patterns, styles, colors, and even materials. Men have a huge selection to choose from when purchasing a new suit to wear. Designs come in the form of button numbers, jacket styles, and trouser styles.

You’ll find that these design patterns can vary greatly. For instance classic suits won’t look anything like the modern day urban suits.

Men looking to choose their designs, patterns, styles, colors, and materials should look into getting a custom tailor to create some custom suits that are made specifically for them. These bespoke suits are a great way to ensure that the suit you purchase looks perfect on you.

Made to measure suits are the next best thing. These suits combine the convenience of off the rack suits with a custom fitting in the highly variable areas of a person’s body.

Off the rack, or OTR suits are suits that a man buys ready to wear. This type of suit is the ultimate in convenience. You can literally wear your suit within seconds of purchasing it.

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Jacket Designs

One Button Suit | 2 Button Suit | 3 Button Suit | 4 Button Suit | 5 Button Suit | 6 Button Suit |
Three Piece Suit | Two Piece Suit

Suit Designs For Trousers

Suit trousers can come in the form of pleated trousers, double pleated trousers, and flat front trousers. Pleats are areas of the suit leg that are sewn together. This is done at the very top of the trousers around the crotch area.

Double pleats are just pleated trousers in a double pleat pattern while flat front pants do not have any pleats at all.

The bottom of the suit trouser legs can be cuffed or uncuffed. Cuffed means that the bottom of the pant leg is sewn up about a half inch to an inch up the leg.

Uncuffed pants just go straight down like a pair of jeans would.

The general rule is that if your pants are pleated, they should have cuffs. Flat front trousers should not have any cuffs.

You’ll find that American style suits usually have flat front pants while classic Italian style double breasted suits have pleats.

Just remember that the suit design you choose will largely depend on the function of the suit and your particular body type. Some people look fantastic in four button suits, while others simply look like they are being choked by buttons.

Spend a few minutes reading through the suit designs so that you’ll know which ones will work for you and which ones won’t.

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