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Suit Patterns

Suit patterns are just as important as suit style, fit and color. There are four main suit designs to consider: solid, pinstripe, windowpane, and check patterns.

This page will mostly give you a brief over view of each style. If you want more detail as well as pictures of these suits, click into each of them to go to their dedicated pages.

suit patterns

Types of Suit Patterns


The solid Suit is a suit that consists of only one color with no built in patterns. These suits must differentiate themselves with pocket, button, lapel, and vent style. They are neutral and safe for all situations.

The plain solid navy blue and solid gray or charcoal gray suit is a must have in any full time suit wardrobe. A solid black suit is also a great solid suit to have.


A pinstripe suit has vertical lines of color evenly spaced throughout the suit. These stripes of color can vary in thickness depending on the designers vision. Pinstripes give the wearer a more authoritative look.

Many presidents and CEO’s like to go with classic navy blue pinstripe suit patterns.

Window Pane

The Window pane suit has either a square or rectangular pattern throughout the suit. This is created with the use of widely spaced horizontal and vertical stripes. These suits are more stylish than the previous models.

Wear these suits on casual fridays, to church, or to social events.


The plaid suit is a type of check patterned suit with a higher cost due to its type of material and tailoring. Many people consider a plaid suit to be ugly while suit snobs and a few others feel that a wardrobe is not complete without them.

Check Patterns

The check patterned suit is similar to the window pane suit with one exception. This suit has every other square or rectangle filled with horizontal lines. Wear this suit as one of your more trendy stylish versions.

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