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Suit storage is a necessary piece of the suit care puzzle. Storing your dress clothes in a haphazardly manner can cause you a lot of pain when you go to wear them.

Suits need to be properly cleaned and pressed after use. While you don’t have to take your suits to the cleaners every time you wear them, it is a good idea to take them each time they get wrinkled or unusually dirty.

This means that if you wear a suit to an outdoor wedding that ends with you getting sweaty, you should probably get your suit cleaned and pressed. Once its cleaned, you can store it away knowing that it will be ready the next time you need it.

Hang your suits in a manner that keeps them from acquiring any new wrinkles in between uses. This should be done on form fitting hangers, rather than the cheap metal wire ones you get from the cleaners.

When you use a good hanger, you ensure that the shoulders will keep their nice shape. Over time, the flimsy metal hangers will cause your suit’s shoulders to become misshapen.

Cedar closets are the ideal place to hang your suits but a normal closet out of direct sunlight is a fitting alternative. As you learned from our page on moth protection, cedar will keep your suit safe from the damaging effects of moths.

Traveling with a suit can be a bit trickier. When traveling you will want to keep your suit as wrinkle free as possible – you never know if your destination will have a good local cleaner.

Use a garment bag to protect your suits and dress shirts during travel. These bags are relatively inexpensive and can hold a suit in hanging position quite easily. As of 2011, the TSA has not banned the use of garment bags.

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