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Taupe Suits

Taupe suits are both versatile and stylish. When selecting a suit of this color, it is important to consider what would be the proper shade of taupe for your skin tone and body type.

The range of colors can go from a darker khaki color to a more light, nearly tan shade of taupe.

Taupe shades tend to look great on most skin tones. However ones with darker skin do tend to look the best in this color.

Also, this color complements a variety of body types, with ones of a taller stature looking the best in this color.

Taupe Suits Example

taupe suits

This is a picture of a man looking very relaxed in a taupe colored suit. He has matched his suit with a white shirt and a tie colored in a variation of the suit’s color.

The pants are pleated and cuffed while the jacket is a two button model. Both the jacket and pants have thick pinstripes running down them.

As you can see, the wearer has matched this up with a nice pair of black shoes that lack design work.

Dress shoes look more formal without any designs on them, and although this suit looks nice with these shoes, it could have been matched up with less formal looking footwear.

Accessories worn with shades of taupe would look best if they are in accent colors that complement this color. The best accent colors for this shade tend to be the more cool earth tones such as blues and greens.

A suit in this color would work well in a slightly less formal business setting, dressed up with a white shirt and a blue or green patterned tie.

One great look that I’ve noticed on people wearing taupe suits is the white shirt and black tie combination. Matching this color suit up with a thin black tie and a white shirt creates a lot of visually appealing contrast.

The black tie plays off the white shirt to create a bold look that can be finished off with a nice pair of formal looking black shoes.

The image always conjures up thoughts of CIA agents operating in the east where this shade matches the color of the landscape.

Or you could dress the suit down for more casual settings, wearing a patterned dress shirt paired with a solid tie.

You have many options when it comes to coordinating footwear for a suit like this. Shades of brown or a black shoe would both complement taupe nicely.

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