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Three Piece Suit

The three piece suit is a traditional outfit with classic appeal. Made up of trousers, a jacket, and a vest or waistcoat, three-piece outfits can up your fashion points instantaneously and add a completely different air to your professional wear.


The collar of your jacket should able-bodied against your neck, but without any of that buckling and pulling.

Shoulder Pads

Much-maligned shoulder pads can assist you look extra well built. You can appear trimmer on the whole, so while tremendous shoulder pads do not look good, typical ones will.

However, don’t attempt to add bulky shoulder pads on your suit if you are short and lean or even short and stocky. The bulky shoulder pads will look obvious and people will assume you have a case of “small man’s disease”.

Naturally sloping shoulders are the best and will look good on everyone but the tall man with the absurdly skinny shoulders.


Select high or short notch depending on what flatters your personal outline. Make sure that the lapels recline flat against your upper body and do not buckle uncomfortably.


Your sleeves should last part where your wrist split ends and your hand set in motion. A quarter inch of your shirtsleeve should show below the sleeves. Check to make sure that you are comfortable in your three piece suit. Stretch your arms out and bend them to verify that you are at ease moving in your outfit.


Make use of your buttons as a method of flattering your meticulous body outline. You should always leave the bottom button undone, and if you have a healthy build, you should have a small button posture beneath the lapels. Or else, attempt a high button posture to costume any roundness.


Side vents can costume a larger behind, while a solitary vent can work with the majority average body varieties and is a lot easier to discover.

The Three Piece Suit – Who Should Wear It?

The 3 piece suit is not for everybody, especially these days when it is not very common. People that are trying to blend in and look good without standing out should not wear a three piece suit. You’ll probably be the only one wearing one.

three piece suit

However, if you are a salesman looking to be remembered, a good 3 piece suit will help you stand out positively.

Sometimes bulkier fellows feel that they can’t wear a suit vest because it only makes them look even thicker.

Conversely, some bulkier men feel that the vest helps hide some of their stomach to give it a flatter look.

The best advice I have for these people is to go with the three piece, but wear a suit and vest of a lighter material.

Light fabrics like linen and seersucker as well as lighter wools will help make you less bulky.

Its a good idea to wear lighter materials even if you aren’t going with the 3 piece look.

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