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Tommy Hilfiger Suits

Reviews on Tommy Hilfiger suits can be found below.

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Reviews On Tommy Hilfiger Suits

Mens Tommy Hilfiger suits can be found all over the place. These are surprisingly conservative and make great additions to interview and office wardrobes.

Hilfiger founded the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation in 1984 and created his men's wear lineup in 1992. Three years later he won an American award for his lineup.

Currently the Phillips-Van Heusen company owns the Hilfiger Corporation as well as Calvin Klein. It seems that this has pushed up the prices of the suits, but I don't see too many differences as far as style goes.

This could be a result of materials and styling being improved on, or it could just be a business decision. Either way, you'll pay more for a suit with the Tommy Hilfiger name on it in 2011 than you would have in 2008.

These suits have a traditional cut with a hard emphasis on three button models. Modernly spaced pinstripes with subtle coloring and virginally high neck lines with single vents keep these models in check.

Fabrics consist mostly of wool or wool blends. They have a nice basic all year round weight and a feel that makes them decent work suits.

Colors are classic with no particular flare or imagination, but they are useful in any regards.

Expect to pay somewhere between three hundred and seven hundred dollars for a new model.

This designer makes a decent mid range suit at an OK price. Overall, these suit are not a bad deal for a decent looking suit.

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