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The Breakdown On Vintage Suits

Vintage Suits are much more than a work uniform. The modern style suit may be a staple among business men and fashion acolytes alike, but the retro suit however, has a unique cut that really accentuates a persons individual character.

Suits of the past tended to differ in very subtle ways. If you’ll notice, conservative style suits really haven’t changed dramatically. The big changes came in the 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s, and even then most people stuck to conservative suits that don’t differ much from today’s suits.

1920’s style suits – In the 1920’s it seemed that most people had slightly wider lapels and baggier pants. These pants were also cut a bit higher than todays and could be seen as high up as the belly button.

The lapel sizes changed with each decade, but the high cut of the pants lasted quite some time. It really wasn’t until a decade or so ago that the cut of suit pants came down.

Also, the bagginess of pants lasted up until about the 1960’s.

Vintage Suits That Stand Out

Below, I’ll talk about some of the more outlandish suits and go into the more sought after used suits of the 1970’s.

Sharkskin Suits were a staple of the 1960’s. These suits have a rare quality to them that many newer suits do not.

1970’s style suits were the first suits to use cheap polyester materials. However, you can find many more throw backs in a high quality wool than you can in polyester.

Disco suits went out of style about the same time disco did. They are 1970’s suits but should be explored by themselves.

Zoot suits were another popular style that didn’t quite make it. They are now used as costume suits which has created a nice zoot suit rental market.

Today, you will find a very wide variety of suit fashions. Men can choose between traditional suits, modern suits, slim fit suits, and even suits with low rise pants. As always though, the conservative suit wins out over all of them.

Keep this in mind when you go shopping for a new suit to wear to an interview or to the office.

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