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White Suit

The reasons for wearing a white suit can be varied, however it can often be the reason which should be examined because it is also inevitable that many will wear this color suit at the wrong time and place.

So what occasions or social functions are acceptable venues or moments to proudly display a white suit. The answer, sadly is very few of them.

Here is an occasion when it is suitable to wear the color white. You are the man from Del Monte, and you are here to say “yes”. Another occasion would be if you actually are the man from Havana, or you work for Miami Vice. The annual board meeting would absolutely not be a suitable occasion.

The time to never wear such a garment would be in the winter or more specifically during cold weather. The only time this suit should be worn is during fine weather and preferably somewhere exotic. Don Johnson steering a 25 foot speedboat off the coast of Miami accompanied by a would-be actress and sipping cocktails is the right time and place.

Furthermore, and somewhat strangely, white men’s suits only seems appropriate when being worn outside. If you are contemplating wearing a white suit to a wedding that’s fine providing the wedding is being held outside in a hot climate or during a hot spell.

As you should now understand, wearing this color suit has more to do with location than the person who is to wear it.

Okay, you have correctly chosen the right time and place. The suit fits perfectly and you have a fantastic Hawaiian silk shirt to accompany it. After all, you are not heading for the office. This is a social occasion, but make no mistake the shirt must go. You simply must wear a contrasting pastel colored shirt.

The shirt collar should be worn open if the event is very informal. Make sure that your shoes are also white. To complete the look a nicely ruffled silk handkerchief can be worn in the breast pocket of your white suit.

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