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Windowpane Suit

The windowpane suit is a bit more stylish than the pinstripe and solid color suits. This suit has a pattern that is created by running lines both horizontally and vertically to make square “windowpane” patterns.

Parties, religious events, and less formal social events are great places to show off this type of suit model. However, this suit is usually not formal enough to wear to the office, and certainly not professional enough to wear to an interview.

This means that if you plan to wear this suit to work, you ought to make sure that your office is casual enough to allow it. While most companies won’t be bothered terribly by the presence of a windowpane suit, some companies will.

Matching this suit with a nice tie can require some skill on the wearer’s part. You must remember to take into account the size of the windowpane pattern versus the size of the tie pattern as well as the colors. However, matching this suit with a stylish shirt and tie can be very rewarding in the end.

The easiest way to find a few good outfits is to simply check out the manequins located in the suit shops. Typically, these arrangements are not made by accident and the professionals that put them together know a great deal about matching up patterns and colors.

Just buy the shirt and tie that sits on the model that is wearing the suit you intend on buying. This way you’ll know that your outfit matches and flows the way it should. Once you get used to seeing which combinations work well, you can branch out and create your own.

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