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Wool Suits

Wool suits are currently the most popular suits on the market. The reasons for this is that wool is a very versatile material, it is easy to work with, and it can be abundantly harvested.

There are also many different types of wool that one can make a suit out of.

For instance men’s suits can be made from virgin wool and worsted and can even be spun at different speeds to provide different comfort levels.

You’ll also find many heavier wool materials on the market for winter weather use.

This material can be spun at super 90’s all the way up to super 200’s. The higher the number the higher the quality.

This being said, there really isn’t a good industry standard, so some super 120’s might be better than other wools said to be super 120’s.

This goes for all spins too, not just super 120’s. I just used that number for illustrative purposes.


These suits are the most durable on the market. They are also wrinkle resistant and will not crease or crumple nearly as quickly as a cotton or linen suit. The versatility of this material has led to it being used for both summer and winter suits.

Winter suits are made from heavier wools while summer suits are made from winter ones. Also, wool suits are the most common on the market and are very easy to find.


Dry cleaning is a prerequisite for cleaning these suits. Cleaning costs can become quite expensive if you wear suits everyday.

This is different from the cotton and linen suits that can be machine washed on a regular basis.

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