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It seems that the work suit is making a comeback. This is very exciting because people look so great in suits no matter what their height, weight or style.

The most important thing to remember is that you are going to be wearing this suit for eight to nine hours a day, so make it comfortable. Comfortable materials include: light wools, wool/polyester mixes, and luxury materials like cashmere.

Comfort does not negate style though. Cotton, linen, and seersucker materials should probably be saved for after hours.

Slacks should have a flat panel front, pleats, or double pleats. Pleats tend to be more comfortable, but not quite as attractive to look at. This can be negated by wearing pleats and keeping your jacket on all day if you must.

However, when you are working all day it is doubtful that you will want to keep your jacket on at all times. In a climate controlled environment, the jacket will get hot. It can also be a bit restrictive when trying to work.

Depending on your position in the company and your aspirations, your suits do not have to be extremely pricey. Always keep in mind however that you are always judged by how you look as well as how well you perform. One option is to invest in one really good suit for business meetings and keep it simple the rest of the time.

Remember, a well fitting work suit in a lower priced model will always look better than a poorly fitting, but more expensive model.

Try pairing your work suits with unique ties to break the monotony of your outfit. Ties with different pocket squares can play up a suit and make the same suit look like a different one every day.

Also remember that you do not have to wash your suit jackets every day. Since you wear a shirt under the jacket they stay relatively clean. Just hang it up to air it out at the end of the night, and take the jacket off when you eat so that you don’t get any food on it.

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