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Zoot Suit Rental

One unique and different formal wear option is zoot suit rental. The revival of swing dancing and 1940s culture has led to a return in popularity of the zoot suit.

Rentals are available in many cities, and a quick search online or in the phone book can help you find a rental shop.

The zoot suit originated in the 1940s and is distinguished by trousers with wide legs and tight cuffs, and a long jacket with exaggerated lapels and shoulders.

Quite often, they are in flashy colors, although black or basic pinstripes are also popular.

Zoot suits are great for proms, parties, or just a night out on the town. You’ll make quite an impression and be the center of attention in a flashy set of threads. If you’re planning a wedding, outfitting the groomsmen in zoot suits will create a unique and striking look.

If you’re considering buying a suit, renting one beforehand can also let you try out different styles, cuts and colors before you take the plunge and buy a new suit. Quite often, shops that rent zoot suits also sell them and may even do tailoring.

They can also help you with accessories such as shoes, hats, ties, and even the traditional long watch chain or keychain without which any zoot suit would be incomplete.

Zoot Suit Rental – Why is it better to rent?

Although I usually recommend that folks buy their suits, a zoot suit rental actually makes sense. If you aren’t planning on doing a lot of activities that require zoot suits, you’ll save money by renting rather than buying.

While these suits can be very unique and fun to wear, most people will not wear them more than once. Only buy these suits if you plan on wearing them multiple times, you can’t find a place to rent them, or you find one at a steep discount.

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