The Alfani Suit

The Alfani suit is a classic found at Macy’s brick and mortar locations and multiple online retailers. This suit was created to please bargain shoppers looking for something fashionable yet conservative.


Alfani is a designer for Macy’s Inc and designs a lot more than just suits for men. You’ll find jackets, shirts, pants, and even shoes for both men and women made from this designer.


This suit brand tends to sell a lot of suit separates. You’ll find that this is fairly common with department store suit models. Although separates can be looked down upon by some suit buyers, it is great for those with unusual sizes.

Body builders that don’t want to spend the money on a bespoke suit will usually have to turn to suit separates to accommodate their thin waist sizes, (small pants) and large chest sizes(large jackets).

The only suit model I was able to find any information on was the Alfani Red Label.

This suit seems to be a slim fit suit made of wool. It it double vented and comes in both two and three piece suit models.

I found the Red Label in charcoal gray, light gray, black and blue. However, I noticed that all of the models I came across were 2 button suits.

Also, both striped and solid suit patterns were available in this model.

Alfani Suit Example

alfani suit

Here is a picture of a two piece light gray Red Label suit. This suit has notched lapels and is a two button suit.

Although you can’t tell from the picture, it has two vents in the back. The pants are flat front pants and the bottom of the pant legs are uncuffed.

This is typical with flat front pants. If the suit had pleats or double pleats, it would probably need to have cuffs at the bottom.


You’ll find a wide selection of two and three piece classics with mid range lapel sizes. Three button is much more common than two button but you will be able to find the latter if it suits you better.


Material is usually wool with a spin of around super 100’s or better. Quality for this suit isn’t considered luxury or cheap either.


You won’t find anything over the top in this collection. However, blacks, blues, grays, and tans are available on most models.


Price ranges from $150 to $500 retail, but I have yet to see an actual list price of over $400. These can also be found at places like Ebay for less than $150 dollars.


Men looking for some decent cuts and stitches for a reasonable price should consider an Alfani suit. Look for a different brand however, if you want high quality materials.

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