Anderson Sheppard Suits

Anderson Sheppard suits are a part of the Savile Row line and have been in production since 1906. These suits were created for their smooth movement and un-restrictive attitude. The Forbes website has even rated this suit as one of the top suits to buy.

In addition to bespoke suits, you can also get bespoke ties that are made with silk and completely hand stitched.


Styles are defined by cinched waists and gently sloping shoulders. Hand stitching is used to create elegant seems and comfortable arm hole sleeves.

Anderson Sheppard Suits – Example

anderson sheppard suits

This is a picture of a two button three piece suit. It is light gray with a light blue window pane design.

Notice how perfectly it conforms to the dress form. It is almost as if they tailored the suit for that dress form just to show off how good they are at their craft.

The Process

If you plan to get yourself some bespoke Anderson Sheppard suits for the first time, be prepared to make a minimum of three visits for measurements and fittings. The first visit will also include choosing a suit pattern, color, material, and style.

The suit will take two to three months to be completed, so make sure you’re at the size and shape you want to be before undertaking this process. It wouldn’t make sense to start the process and then join the latest biggest loser reality show or something similar. Losing excessive weight is fantastic, but do it before you go buy your suit.

Once you’ve purchased your first suit from them, you won’t always have to make three trips for each suit. Generally you’ll just need to do an initial trip. However, the suit will still take up to 3 months to complete. When you want quality, you simply have to wait longer.

United States residents will have to go to England or wait for the annual visits that this company makes to the states each year. They typically visit California, New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois.


Materials include: twill, flannel, cotton, linen, wool, corduroy, and even moleskin. You will be able to find any cloth you want in this lineup.


Colors are moderately diverse in both range and hue. These colors are made more interesting with windowpane, plaid, and pinstripe designs.


These suits are mostly bespoke which drives the price up in comparison to a ready to wear suit. Look to pay prices starting in the $3,000 – $4,000 range.


Men looking for a classy bespoke suit with interesting patterns should look into an Anderson and Sheppard suit.

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