Armani Suits

Giorgio Armani’s Armani suits have made this man famous indeed. Giorgio does have a full collection of clothing these days(see Armani Exchange as well as many other new line ups). You can find jeans, glasses, and even perfumes under the Armani name.

However, what people really know him for are his designer suits.

Italian born and raised Giorgio is renowned for making (you guessed it) Italian suits. However, if you take a look at his collection you will notice that they do not all go with the classic Italian style look.

Giorgio likes to mix things up and makes his designs in robust double breasted makes, powerful British style 2 piece suits, and even the more relaxed American sac style suits.


This company has been around since 1975 which is relatively new compared to many other suit designers. For instance Brooks Brothers was founded in 1918.

This being said, the Armani line up has quickly become one of the best fashion oriented companies to come out of Italy.


You won’t find anything in polyester from this brand. Look for high quality super 100’s and other high end materials.

While there are many suits in this lineup that are canvassed, there are also some that are only fused.


Colors are mostly traditional and elegant with rare variations of bold hues. You’ll also find some trendier colors in some of the newer models that have come out over the past couple of years.

Armani Suits Example

armani suits

This is a picture of a two button black suit. Notice the tight lines of the suit. This is typical with Armani suits and is a characteristic that makes the suit great.

The gray tie, combined with the white shirt and black suit make for a great monochrome look. This is a sleek look that would look great on men with darker skin tones.


These suits can sometimes go for well over $1,000.00. This price is a combination of great quality and materials combined with name brand inflation.

This company truly is great at marketing and has done many innovative advertising campaigns that were well ahead of their time.

If your looking to make a fashion statement while looking wealthy and fashionable at the same time, go ahead and pick up one of these designs.

Don’t worry, even if you don’t have time to do fittings, you can buy some Armani suits straight off the rack. You’ll have to get some minor alterations of course, but that goes for any suit you pick up off the rack.

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