Arnold Brant Suits

Arnold Brant suits are classics straight from Canada tailors. These luxury models can be found from well over 200 vendors.


Cuts and styles are the best qualities on these suits. Look for two and three button models with both flat front and pleated pant styles.

The designer of these suits has gone for a more manly look and shies away from the slim fitting tapered style suits that many modern designers have attempted to pull off.

His designs are meant for the average man that wants to enhance his figure rather than down play it. Lapels tend to be a bit larger with these suits, which makes sense considering the look the designer is going for.

You’ll also notice that there are quite a few suit jacket models that have double pockets on the right hip. Although that design does look a little more fashion rather than boardroom, it has been around awhile and would not be completely out of the ordinary.

Arnold Brant Suits – Example

arnold brant suits

This is a navy blue pinstripe suit in a two button model. It is a conservative model even for Arnold Brant and would blend in very well in an office setting.

I’d classify it as your classic American suit design.

It is a great color for all skin types and will work well with most body types. However, because it is a two button suit jacket, the really tall should be wary of it.


Fabrics are mid range quality with fully canvassed inner linings. Look for both worsted and heavier yet bulkier wools.

They also make sport jackets in a wide range of materials like corduroy and even velvet.


Pinstripes, windowpanes, solids, and plaids give the large color selection another touch of spice. Look for both bright and solemn color shades.

Just make sure you get some classic colors like navy blue and charcoal gray to start out with.


Retail for these models range between $300 and $500, but with the high competition between vendors you should pay around $200 to $250. My page on discount suits usually has deals for Sierra Trading Post which is a big online vendor of Arnold Brant suits.


Men will find a large selection of styles and cuts but don’t expect a lot of amenities or fancy details. Buy this as a business suit or mildly fashionable suit for parties, weddings, and other events. Stick to flashier brands like Gucci, Steve Harvey, Tayion, or Versace when searching for trendy runway type suits.

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