Austin Reed Suits

Austin Reed suits are a British classic. Both affordable and stylish; this designer has a very nice balance.

Austin Reed Suits Breakdown

This brand has been around for over 100 years and was the realization of a dream the Austin Leonard Reed had since he was a boy. The dream was realized in the year 1900 when Mr. Reed opened his first store on Fenchurch Street in England.

The company gained quick popularity as a great made to measure suit company that catered to business men lacking the time to invest in a bespoke suit. After all, a bespoke suit generally takes several fittings and is a special process in and of itself.

They’ve made suits for Winston Churchill and even the Beatles.

Although the original designer is no longer around his name lives on through his company.


Elegant cuts with classic styling make Austin Reed suits a great design for the clothing enthusiast with a lust for traditional garb. Look for their signature line for a higher end material and stitch.

Recently I’ve noticed that they have come out with a new line that is really exciting. It is a more modern looking suit with a fitted waist and lower rise trousers. Not only is this style more comfortable to wear, but it also looks quite dashing.

The other added advantage to this is that it is not drastically different than the classic designs to look out of the ordinary. Young and fit men wearing this suit will just appear to look better than they normally do in suits.

They’ve also recently come out with new slim fit Austin Reed suits. These suits have shorter jacket lengths with slim fitting jackets and trousers. Personally, that look is a little too metro for me, but it does suit some people.

It is nice to see a traditional company keeping its classic and contemporary suit models while expanding to more progressive looks. Many times a company will change its look to attract new customers and will lose its old customers due to the lineup change.

Keeping the old line while providing new lines is a great way to keep the traditional customer base while still appealing to their sons and grandsons.

austin reed suits

This is a picture of a suit from the new modern line up. It is a three piece navy blue suit with two buttons.

As you can see, the waist has been brought in and does not have to be cinched in the back like most suit companies do when they take pictures of suits on dress forms.


Materials run through the spectrum in wool, cotton, and linen. Luxury models will have a higher grade wool than the lesser models.


Prices vary depending on model and newness. Expect to see retail prices in the $200 – $300 range.

This company makes great traditional British style suits at a very affordable price point. Buy this online and you’ll have a nice multi purpose suit for less than a months cost in gas.

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