Baroni Suits

Baroni suits are classic suits that come in a wide variety of styles. These can be compared to other mid range suits like Zanelli and Manzoni.


The design of these suits is pretty standard and looks classic enough to wear to any office in the United States. You’ll easily find two and three button models in quite a few colors.

From what I’ve read, these suits have nice broad shoulders and thin waists. This makes them perfect for people with athletic builds. Bodybuilders and athletes can benefit from suits that are cut this way.

Less trips to the tailor means more time and money for you.

Of course this also means that people with frail shoulders or large stomachs may want to stay away from this brand.

I haven’t found any slim fit or modern style models in this suit, so if you’re looking for something for something unique, you might want to stay away from these designs.


Super 150s make these suits both comfortable and luxurious. The quality of the material is without a doubt the best feature of this brand.


Navy blue, black, and charcoal gray lend to the more traditional wearer while beige, olive, and tans give the riskier suit purchaser some options.

Baroni Suits Example

baroni suits

This is an image of a navy blue two button suit. It is being worn with a white shirt and a purple tie.

As you can see, Baroni suits are pretty standard suit and could be worn just about anywhere. What you might not be able to tell from the picture is that it is a super 150, meaning the wool is spun finer than many other wools.

This means that the wool is more likely to be comfortable, and unfortunately is also more likely to wrinkle. Some people also say that the finer the wool, the harder it is to get stains out of it.

Keep this in mind when buying a new suit. Messy eaters and people that work jobs that may lead to quickly wrinkled clothing might want to consider getting a suit that is made from a thicker fabric.

Although thicker fabric may not always be as comfortable, it does resist wrinkles much better than thinner ones.


Don’t pay more than $500 for this suit. Some retailers will try to validate an $800 price tag with the finely spun wool, but shop around and you’ll find better.


A nice addition to the under $500 purchaser looking for quality material and well rounded styling.

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