Belvest Suits

Belvest is based in Venezia, Italy. As a result, all suits are tailored in Italy to make some of the finest luxury models on the market.


Regal three button classics with ticket pockets make up the bulk of this lineup. Look for solids, stripes, and windowpanes, along with more unique plaids. Most suits are full canvassed with full inner lining.

When you visit their website, it seems they are trying to create a lifestyle around the brand. For instance, when you visit the about page, it doesn’t give you any information about the history of the company or what products they sell.

Instead, it shows you the magazine covers of some of the magazines it has been featured in. These include: Yachting, Details, GQ, and a few others.

Belvest Suit Example

belvest suit

This is a picture of a three button Belvest suit. It is a three button suit in light gray with a nice windowpane pattern on it.

The suit is a three piece suit and is complemented very nicely with a blue shirt with matching blue pocket square and a nice navy blue tie. You’ll notice that the pocket square is subtle enough that it could be worn like that pretty much anywhere.

These colors work very well together with this suit. They would also work well with many different skin tones, but could especially excel when paired up with a person of light to medium skin tones.

Just be careful, sometimes light gray can make a very pale person look a little washed out.


Materials are expensive high spun wools, cashmere, and silks. Cotton models are also made to please people that like lighter materials.

Their website boasts of Mongolian cashmere, Irish linen, mink, bamboo, and sea island cotton. I honestly don’t know the difference between Irish linen and any other linens, so feel free to shoot me an email if you do.


Colors are not quite up to the sometimes outrageous full on designer models but their is a large selection of shades. Look for both traditional and not so traditional colors.


Retail prices can range from $2,000 – $5,000, but can be found at much lower discounts in some online stores. I suppose the last part of that sentence can be said about almost anything these days.


Men will find that this company uses some of the best materials on the market to make their suits. The only drawback is you will have to pay for them.

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