Ben Sherman Suit

The Ben Sherman suit is a nice middle of the road suit and won’t be found in retail discount stores.

This lineup was bought out by Oxford Industries in 2004, but was actually started back in 1963 by an English man who emigrated to the United States. He is deceased now, but his name was Author Benjamin Sherman.

Like many designers, he started out making shirts and eventually moved on from their.

Oxford Industries plan is to take the Ben Sherman line and expand further into design and marketing sources. They currently have a wide range of men’s fashion wear as well as some items for women.

Currently, you can find Ben Sherman locations in major cities around the world. In the United States, you’ll find them in New York City, Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Beverly Hills.


Traditionally these suits were three and two button suits cut mostly in a British style.

These days however, you’ll notice that they have expanded their line up to include slim fit suits and other more trendy styles.

The slim fit suits tend to have shorter jackets and many come in one button models. While some may like the look of these new style suits, they are not really appropriate for any strict working environments.

People in more artistic professions might find that the newer models are a good suit for them to bring to work, but its not a great look for people working on Wall Street.

Ben Sherman Suit Example

ben sherman suit

This is a three piece one button Ben Sherman Suit. The pants are flat front and the bottoms do not have cuffs on them. It is gray and is part of their new slim fit lineup.

As you can see, this suit is a lot different than the classic suits that have historically dominated this designer’s line up.

People with broad shoulders or athletic figures should probably avoid this model as it does not have much of a taper to it.

It is essentially designed for men that have both slim waists and slim shoulders.

Mostly wool materials in both summer and winter weights. Limited versatility when it comes to other materials.

Retail for the more traditional suits is around $600.00 which is a fair price compared to some of its counterparts.

Check out a few different online locations for the best price.

The newer slim fit models will cost you less than $400.

Overall not a bad purchase but lacking in overall enthusiasm. More of a me too brand rather than an innovator.

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