Bill Blass Suits

Bill Blass suits are reminiscent of Evan Picone, Jones of New York, and DKNY suits. Look to find them in most of your local discount mens suits and department stores.

William Ralph Blass was most famous for his women’s clothing. Being born to a dress maker, he became interested in fashion at a very young age.

After growing into man hood, he moved to New York and became one of the most famous American designers of his day.

Bill Blass the man is no longer with us, but the company is still going strong and has a very wide product line that includes both women’s clothing as well as menswear.

Bill Blass Suits Example

bill blass suits

This is a picture of a classic Bill Blass business suit. It is a standard two button model in a charcoal gray. This could be worn to work in just about any industry. Of course, you may have to lose the striped shirt and pocket square.

The pocket square appears to be folded up in a variation of the puff style. I could be wrong though as it is a bit hard to tell from the picture. For more information on pocket squares, you can check out my YouTube channel.


Cuts and patterns on Bill Blass suits are nice and diverse. Buy one of these suits based off of how you feel about the style and fit of the cloth rather than the material itself.


Materials used are almost always mid range quality wools lacking the luxury and luster you would find on some of the high end models. As said above buy this suit for its cut and fit rather than fabric quality.

You’ll also find some linen suits made for summer wear.

This is not to say that the fabric quality is bad, but if you’re looking for a mid range suit known for its high quality fabric, you’d be better off going with Baroni suits or something similar.


You will be able to find all traditional colors and a few non traditional colors. If you can’t find your color at one store than go to another or hop back on the internet and you should find what your looking for.


Retail prices are in the $300 range. The value on this suit is about average but great in a pinch since you can pick one up almost anywhere.


Men looking for something affordable to wear to work or the occasion wedding or funeral should look into Bill Blass suits.

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