Brioni Suits

Originally a suit reserved for Europe’s wealthiest class, Brioni suits were founded in Rome circa 1945. Synonymous with superior Italian quality, one can find these hand-sewn suits sported by the likes of Al Pacino, George W. Bush, John Wayne, and the best dressed secret agent, fictional character James Bond.


Fashion designer Gaetano Savini joined forces with expert tailor, Nazareno Fonticoli, to create this fashion house quickly after the end of World War II. While their primarily focus remains men’s suits, Brioni also releases a men’s and a women’s fall, winter, spring, and summer collection once a year.


Streamlined wastes, slightly padded shoulders, and perfect tailoring define these designers. They try to work the angle of having the ability to make anybody look like they are in great shape, possibly explaining its upper-class acclaim.

While Brioni prides itself on traditional “made to measure” tailoring, the company does not shy away from making suits in every cut, remaining relevant in the fashion industry for over 70 years. Presidents, actors, musicians, and those with disposable income have enjoyed Brioni suits in every style – single-breasted, double-breasted, vented, and everything in-between.

Brioni Suits Example

brioni suits

Here is a picture of Vladamir Putin in a two button navy blue suit. I took his face out to focus more on the suit, but he often wears Brioni suits.

This is a classic look that looks good on presidents of countries as well as companies.


These suits generally consist of super fine wool, cashmere, and silk. Even the inner lining consists of floating canvases, rich with expensive silk and cashmere. Some of the collections combine traditional tailoring with Italian panache, especially with regards to the material used. The Fall 2011 collection, for example, boasts exotic materials like crocodile skin, weasel fur, and silk frog closures.


Colors are always traditional as elegance usurps trendy every time. The occasional collection item contains some flare in the form of a salmon- or yellow-colored jacket.


New models can start at around $2,000 but the “made to measure” suits can easily climb into the $50,000 range. A quick glance over their website and company culture justifies their prices. Their motto, “to be one of a kind,” urges everyone to find a suit that truly fits his body and his unique features. No longer exclusive to Italy, Brioni boutiques have spread to three continents and some of the largest cities, including Los Angeles, Dubai, Paris, and Beijing.


Buy a Brioni for your first and last high-end suit. Not many designers will be able to match this quality or the personalized experience involved in their longstanding process.

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