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Burberry Suits

Burberry suits introduction and history.

Although most people think of the famous tartan print and iconic trench coats when they hear the word “Burberry,” the infamous British fashion house is also known for its quality suits.

The company was founded in 1856 and has since grown to a worldwide franchise.

Today, this company’s suits represent the ultimate classic choice in style, color, and cut, chosen by men with refined tastes for both the office and formal occasions.


Thomas Burberry founded the company in his own name in 1856 at the young age of 21 in Hampshire, England, the former capital and original home of the Army, Royal Navy, and Royal Air Force. With a few years’ experience as a draper’s apprentice, Mr. Burberry began to make his own mark by developing sturdy, dependable outdoor wear out of gabardine, waterproofing his threads before weaving to cater to the wet climate of England.

As fate would have it, Thomas Burberry’s origins came calling back to him, and he was commissioned by the War Office in 1914 to adapt his coats to modern warfare conditions. The famous trench coat was born. From there, the company went on to develop the iconic check pattern, expanded to London and beyond, was awarded a Royal Warrant by Queen Elizabeth II, and is now an iconic luxury brand around the world.

Burberry Suits Style

The most definitive stylistic feature of these suits is a classic fit. With a sophisticated and timeless shape, these suits can be tailored (with the proper tailor, of course) to fit any man’s body very comfortably. Lapels on these suits tend to be thinner to create a streamlined, sheek look. The thin lapels are also reminiscent of Burberry’s original target customer: the tasteful but sporty Brit whose suits share the sturdy, understated look of his trench coats. You’ll find these suits are made in a variety of patterns, including solid, striped, and windowpane, in both two and three button models, depending on your preference.


As is true of the original gabardine material that Thomas Burberry popularized in the late 19th century, Burberry suits today are made to wear year round and in any weather. Materials are made from super 100’s finely spun wool, which creates a soft feel that will please any man seeking simultaneous comfort and quality.


Colors vary greatly. A man can buy anything from the traditional solid blacks, blues, and grays to more trendy colors such as tans and chocolate browns.


New models will retail somewhere in the neighborhood of $900.00. This is a fair price for this type of material.


Traditional comfort seekers looking for the highest end quality should seriously consider this brand. Many online retailers such as Bluefly and Stopstyle offer discounted prices on high end luxury brands, and are great places to look to save on cost.

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