Business Suit Guide – From the interview to the office.

The business suit is an investment and should be treated like one.

When you buy a business suit you’ll want to think about the interview as well as the office setting you’ll be working in after the interview.  In this post, we’ll talk about both.

The Interview Suit

Your interview suit should be the best suit you own.  After-all this suit will be what you wear when your potential employer decides whether or not he/she wants to hire you.

This suit should be a more traditional suit style in a dark blue or charcoal gray.  Make sure it is perfectly tailored, cleaned, and pressed.  Your shoes should be black and your shirt should be white.

If you want to go with the most traditional look possible, opt for a power suit.

The Power Suit

For the uninitiated, a power suit is a 2-button, navy blue pinstripe suit paired with a red tie, a white shirt, and a pair of black oxford shoes.

The navy blue suit color is used to create a sense of trust while the pinstripes are said to add an air of power and authority to your look.  The red tie creates a sense of excitement and increases the chances you’ll be remembered while the white shirt and black shoes help to tie everything together.

power suit

After The Interview

Once you’ve been hired, you may find you have to wear a business suit to work every day.  Different companies have different cultures, but you can never go wrong with a more traditional style and color.  One pro tip is to see what other successful people in your office are wearing and try to emulate them.


In addition to your navy blue pinstripe suit, it is also safe to add a solid navy blue suit, a charcoal gray suit, a pinstripe charcoal gray suit, and even a black suit. I have heard many people talk about black suits not being appropriate in an office setting, but I don’t believe this to be true.

In fact, depending on your profession, you may find yourself wearing a black suit more than any other color suit in your closet.

Just keep in mind that black can look good at the office but you should look around to see if others are doing it first. Some people are completely against wearing black suits to anything other than funerals and may not react well to it.

Office Shirt Colors To Buy

Many companies will only allow you to wear white or blue shirts without any styling. In this case, you’ll simply need to change your look by getting more ties. Although your business wardrobe won’t have a lot of variety to it, it will be easy to pick out your clothes each morning.

When you work somewhere that gives you more flexibility, feel free to add some lines to your shirts. Just remember to keep the lines thin and close to each other. Also add some light colors such as off white or even pink.  Just be careful with these colors as a light pink shirt can end up looking more like a laundry accident than a fashion statement.

Office Shoes

Make sure you have a minimum of two pairs of shoes. It is good to alternate your shoes each day. This will give them a chance to dry out each night and will help them last longer.

As far as colors go, make sure you have a pair of black shoes and possibly a pair of burgundy shoes. Burgundy shoes will go well with your blue and gray suits. Just keep in mind that some very strict companies will not let you wear any shoe colors other than black.

Final Thoughts

Never feel like you have to buy your entire office wardrobe prior to starting your job. Just buy two business suits, 6 ties, and 6 shirts.

I recommend 6 rather than 5 since you’ll want to have one tie and one shirt on standby in your car or office.

After this you can slowly add to your wardrobe by purchasing more ties, shirts, and an extra office suit or more at your own pace.

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