Calvin Klein Suit

The Calvin Klein suit is just a small part of the large Calvin Klein product mix.

This brand epitomizes classic American style. Making everything from unisex cologne to underwear to high fashion collections for both men and women, the ubiquitous designer has dressed famous celebrities, from the likes of Marky Mark to Dwayne Wade.

Calvin Klein has an innovative, ever-changing product line, but has consistently produced quality menswear for decades, and is a great designer to turn to if you are looking for a reliable, stylish suit.

Calvin Klein Suit History

Calvin Klein founded his fashion label in 1968 with a line of men’s and women’s coats sold at Bonwit Teller, a New York department store.

Like Robert Denning and Ralph Lauren, Klein was one of many Jewish New York designers from the Bronx to rise to prominence in the mid-20th century. When he first debuted his line, Klein was called the “new Yves Saint-Laurent,” and noted for the cleanliness and flattering, streamlined look of his suits.

Despite financial ups and downs, the company has managed to become a staple of American fashion, its strong designers and reliable clothing prevailing over an unstable economy and near bankruptcy in 1992. Francisco Costa, who now serves as the creative director for Calvin Klein, worked closely with the founder to preserve his original vision before Klein’s departure from the company in 2003.


These suits are traditionally always designer type suits. The standard office is rarely a place to find people wearing them.

Calvin Klein suits are designer, and often a bit too nice to wear to the office.

However, parties and weekend events are great places to show off the modern aesthetic of Calvin Klein suits, with their clean lines and slim lapels. Suits are made in both two and three button forms, but there’s no need to fasten all three buttons.

Fasten the top two for more conservative company, but create a more casual look and show off your tie by fastening only the middle button.


Calvin Klein Collection suits from the company’s black label are the top-notch suits that the designer has to offer. For these especially, the company uses the highest quality wool. Priding itself on the quality of its wool in general, Calvin Klein cK and White Label suits also use very high quality materials, but will occasionally use cottons and a multitude of blends to diversify temperatures and weights.


As a cutting edge designer, Calvin Klein has a multitude of colors to choose from. Shop around as long as you must to find that hard to match ensemble, but take advantage of the brand’s classic American appeal by going for something classic and neutral: gray, black, navy, or brown, perhaps with a great thin pinstripe.


A Calvin Klein suit can run anywhere from $600.00 to over $1,000.00, but for a high quality, high fashion suit, this is pretty affordable. Keep an eye out for previous years models as they will always be much less expensive, or try on many options available in the collection Macy’s before shopping around at discount online retailers for better deals.


The Calvin Klein lineup is a great staple and a very classy, reliable choice. The name has become so ubiquitous in American ready-to-wear fashion (not to mention, synonymous with underwear) that perhaps the more high-end, designer suit does not get the attention it deserves.

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