Canali Suits

Canali suits epitomize cutting precision and live up to the Italian reputation for finely crafted suits.

In 1934, the Canali tailoring workshop was founded by the brothers Giovanni and Giacomo Canali. They dedicated themselves to the manufacture of high quality clothing, and specialized in menswear.

By the 1950s, the brand was very influential in the Italian market, and by the 1970s Canali was exporting its fine men’s suits worldwide.

Today Canali has seven production centers in Italy, with headquarters in Sovico, near Milan, all striving to produce the highest quality suits they can create. They make about 1,400 suits per day, and about 1,600 pairs of trousers.

Canali Suits Example

canali suits

This picture features a classic navy blue two button jacket with a set of flat front trousers. It has a nice streamlined look and is typical Canali all the way.


The construction of these suits is very sturdy, using a canvas-supported construction, hand-rolled collars and hand set sleeves.

These suits hide the wearer’s flaws, giving the impression of a slim, elegant physique, even if that is not the body type of the wearer.

With higher armholes creating a streamlined shape, impeccable waist placement slimming the wearer’s middle, and precisely cut lapels and collars to flatter one’s proportions, these suits are some of the most flattering suits available on the market today.

Arm holes and shoulder pads of these suits are all crafted immediately before they are sewn into the suit. This creates a nice, sloping look on the shoulders, but allows the armholes to remain mobile and wearable for everyday use.


Canali suits are always carefully sewn and never fused together from various pieces. They use high quality, luxurious wools for their winter suits, and also have cotton and linen blends available for their summer suits.


For a small, family owned luxury suit company, Canali produces a formidable amount of suits on a daily basis. This allows for more color variations than most high end designers in its class; however, the most reliable choices are still the basic, classic blacks, blues, and grays.


You are lucky to find a Canali suit priced around $1,000. The prices climb up from there, and can reach up to $3,000.


Italian suits are generally accepted as the nicest suits crafted worldwide. Impeccable Italian tailoring and care, as well as a certain sartorial flourish that inevitably comes from three generations of a well-run family business combine to make these suits a great choice for men looking for a nice luxury suit with a large array of color choices and material variations.

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