Cantarelli Suits

Cantarelli suits were originally established in the great town of Arezzo, Italy. These suits meet the high standards and perfection of other renowned Italian designers such as Cifonelli, Kiton, and Caraceni. If you’re looking for an exclusive luxury suit, you’re looking in the right place.


Cantarelli constructs most classic and traditional cuts and combinations, but they’re known for some trendy models that are ahead of the fashion curve. Like most high-end retailers, they offer the option of buying off the rack items and more expensive bespoke suits to meet customers’ unique needs.

Pictured by trendy blogs like the Sartorialist, when you wear Cantarelli suits, you’re making a cultured fashion statement. This isn’t your ordinary black sack of a suit that you throw on the couch when you get home from your Monday evening TPS report.


Look for high quality wools with full canvas lining. The fine materials and hard work put into these suits make them an unquestionable luxury item. Cantarelli extends its high-end production process to complete a full-service men’s collection.

You’ll find elegantly trendy jackets, shoes, and sweaters made out of the same quality wools and cashmeres as their suits.


Colors vary widely. Look for unique plaids and pinstripes that really accentuate the natural color of the materials used. They also carry checked sport coats and dinner jackets in more bold colors and patterns.

You can find burnt orange and gray jackets that will go over a white dress shirt nicely, or you can separate yourself from everyone else at work with a light brown suit, a pale blue / lavender shirt, a black tie, and a pair of nice leather shoes to match your belt.

Just keep in mind, looking different at work in most industries is rarely a good thing.

Cantarelli Suits Price

Prices can retail as low as $1,000 for a ready to wear suit and can jump dramatically from there. If you’re buying your suit online, it may be cheaper but you may find it difficult to find your perfect fit. Don’t assume that your tailor can fix everything.

Know what a tailor can and can’t do. An inch off the waist or some pant hemming is fine, but a couple of inches off the waist or reshaping the shoulders might be a risk not worth taking with regards to your thousand-dollar investment.


Men looking for a more obscure brand with the high quality and character of a top of the line luxury suit should look into this designer.

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