Caraceni Suits

Caraceni suits originate from perhaps the oldest atelier on the block. Considered by many to be the “father of Italian tailoring,” Domenico Caraceni established his tailorship in 1913 and has remained at the top of his craft for nearly a century. Run out of Rome, this modest workshop has dressed a powerful list of celebrities. Humphrey Bogart, Gary Cooper, the Prince of Wales, generations of Greek and Italian Kings, and current Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi.

Below is an image of two Caraceni jackets. They are both pinstripe suit jackets with matching blue shirts and a dark tie. Notice the one on the left looks a lot more formal than the one on the right.

caraceni suits

Caraceni Suits Style

Caraceni captures traditional Italian qualities that designers have tried to replicate for decades. Every suit involves many hours of work and a limited number are released each year. The lining and facings are done entirely by hand. This process can take well over a day to complete. Caraceni exudes a masculine look with its padded shoulders but not at the expense of a boxy fit.


If you think the material isn’t the finest wool or the stitching appears to be constructed haphazardly, you might be looking at a fake Caraceni. Expect nothing short of the highest quality product. Look for suits that have super 180, ultra-lightweight wools.

Just keep in mind that while Super 180s create a smooth and luxurious feel, they require high-maintenance and are much less durable than slightly thicker wools. Wear this suit and anything that comes in this material on special occasions. If you spill something on it or scuff it up, you might as well buy a new suit.


Colors are limited inherently by the exclusive amount of suits produced each year. However, buy a bespoke and you won’t have to worry about any customizations you desire.

Caraceni Suits Price

Prices for a full suit can start at $2,000 and quickly move towards the $15,000-$20,000 range. Depending on where you make your purchase and what kind of suit you desire, prices will vary dramatically. A Caraceni isn’t a lighthearted or short-term investment. They produce a quality suit with timeless style, a connoisseur’s fantasy.

Men looking to get a high quality suit who are not concerned about price will find this designer a good fit. Consumers erring on the thriftier side of things should look into something less expensive.

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