Cifonelli Suits

Cifonelli suits are made by a luxury, family owned fashion house. The brand was founded by the legendary tailor Giuseppe Cifonelli in Rome in 1880. I’ts now in its fourth generation. Cifonelli’s son Arturo was the true stylist of the business. Arturo was sent to school in London, and hence these suits are a mixture of beautiful Italian lines and classic British strictness and rigidity.

A suit made by this company is along the same lines as Kiton, Borelli, and other high quality luxury suits on the market. These suits and other Cifonelli products in general are known for their great fabrics and their careful construction. They’re an excellent choice for the buyer that places a high premium on quality cuts and fabrics.

Cifonelli Suits Style

Cifonelli suits are mostly hand crafted, but the shoulder and collar work often appear to be machine-made. The lapels are machine-padded and the buttonholes are machine-sewed, but the lining and other noticeable, flashy parts of the suit are hand-stitched.

Cifonelli suits have a more English fit than other Italian makers. The suits tend to be sturdy and straight and do not drape the body like many other Italian designer’s suits.

The combination of machine and hand stitched work makes for a more contemporary look than some of the other high end suits on the market. They have a large amount of visible pick stitching, both on the insides and outsides of their coats.

Cifonelli suits made in the US are made by Nervesa, a large suit manufacturer, so you might be better off waiting for a trip to Europe to invest in one of these, where they are made in the small bespoke houses of Rome and Paris. However, Cifonelli is often hard to find in the US, but you can check out many online retailers as an option for finding a suit made by Cifonelli and then get it tailored to fit your body after your purchase.


This suit designer places a huge emphasis on high quality material. Hence, you can find suits made of wools spun as high as super 180s.


Color ranges are lacking in comparison to some other designers in the same category, probably because Cifonelli is less well known and sticks to basics. The Navy Blue double-breasted Cifonelli suit is a great choice.


You can find these suits retailing anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000, but these suits should average around $2,000. Prices are usually lower than other models in its class.


Men looking for a great luxury model at a value-based price should look into this designer.

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