Claiborne suits

Claiborne suits often make for good starter suits. Here is a rundown on their history as well as their suits.

Liz Claiborne is an American fashion company founded in New York in the 1970’s making a wide range of apparel from women’s and children’s ready-to-wear lines to office appropriate menswear. Isaac Mizrahi, formerly of his own line and Mizrahi for Target, is currently the creative director of Liz Claiborne, Inc. These suits are a great choice if you are buying your first suit or just need something affordable and standard to wear to the office.

They are traditional, American suits by the designer Liz Claiborne, and, with the help of a good tailor, can give the appearance of a much more expensive purchase if worn correctly.

These suits can be found in many online stores, or in person at most local departments stores such as Macy’s or J.C. Penny. These suits are always ready to wear and usually come in suit separate models as well.

Claiborne Suits Style

Claiborne styles can be found in both pleated and flat front models. Jackets are also versatile, giving you the choice between a two or three button model. You won’t find Claiborne suits in a double breasted model, but if you’re looking for a single breasted suit, Claiborne might be for you.


Because they are more affordable, Liz Claiborne suits are often make of lower spun wools, or material mixes such as a cotton and wool blend. Occasionally, the nostalgic suit wearer can find models in twill, which is always a great option to have in your closet for a special occasion.


These suits come in a variety of shades. Stick with a classic charcoal for the office, or look for brighter colors in the warmer months and darker, chocolate browns and grays during the winter.


Liz Claiborne prices are value-based and very economical. Again, this is a great first suit purchase – affordable and of acceptable quality. For these, you can look to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 for a full suit.


Liz Claiborne suits are great, workable pieces at bargain prices, and work well as separates. These models are a great investment! Spend a little less on the suit, then visit a tailor to make sure your suit fits your body appropriately.

Who should wear these suits? Men looking for a workable suit at a bargain price should look into these models.

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