Coppley Suits

Coppley suits are made by Coppley Apparel Group, a Canadian brand that manufactures a traditional and classy menswear line of suits, sport coats and trousers. While this brand might not be as well known in the US, the company has been around for over a century.

The company makes a sturdy and classic suit that has stood the test of time, not succumbing to fleeting trends in suit construction but rather improving on its classic model. Coppley also manufactures the popular clothing lines Keithmoor, Mateo Maas, Cambridge, and Warren K. Cook.

On the whole, this designer is a definer of tastes, and their suits are unquestionably luxurious in both style and comfort. Their products are of the highest quality. If you are looking for a well-made alternative to trendy or flashy designer models, this suit is always a great investment for your wardrobe.

There are few fine and well-trained tailors today who continue to be as innovative in style as Coppley. Coppley’s distinctive look comes from a blend of traditional style elements and over a century’s worth of high-quality suit making and training, fused with the best aspects of contemporary fashion, chosen by a critical and tasteful eye.

Coppley Suits Style

This designer makes stylish cuts that veer away from today’s common trend of the ever-tightening shoulder spread. Leaving shoulder pads and all, these models are classically flattering. Pinstripes and solids are plentiful, and certainly add formality to Coppley piece. Good models to look for on the market today include Boccelli, Minelli, Merano, and Sargent.


Coppley suits are woven by fine super 120’s and ultra light worsted wool. The inner linings of their suits are especially comfortable.


These suits come in a wide variety of colors. Despite the classic look and refusal to succumb to trends in cut and style, most colors can be found for even the trendiest of fashion zealots.


Lower models start at around $600, but these suits often climb to well over $1,000. Base your price decision off of the fineness of the wool.


This designer is a reliable choice, giving consumers a great option for a luxury suit model that is both comfortable and stylish. Whether you are wearing your Coppley suit to work, a party, or for leisure, you can be sure you will be very pleased with this brand.

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