Corneliani Suit

The Corneliani suit was first constructed over 80 years ago. Through the careful consideration of hand stitching and a perfected attention to detail, Corneliani established the beginnings of what is still considered some of the highest quality men’s suits.

Today this suit comes from Italy using high precision computer sewing tools. The method of production has changed to keep up with higher demand and the new millennium, but the sophisticated materials and assembly that go into a Corneliani suit have maintained their reputation.

Corneliani Suit Style

corneliani suit

This two piece two button suit by Corneliani is pretty typical of this company’s suits. It is clean with gently sloping shoulders and is the ultimate difinition of a classic suit.

Corneliani provides three main lines from which to choose: its signature brand – “Corneliani”, its “CC Collection”, and its “Trend.” The Corneliani line represents this designer’s clean and classic look and highest-quality work.

The CC Collection offers suits, sport coats, and other accessories at a lower price, engaging the younger consumer at the beginning of his professional or trendy career. It’s Trend line, as you may have guessed by its name, exhibits this designer’s more fashion progressive looks.

You will want to steer clear of these when considering an everyday office suit, or one of your first suits, but something from this line can flourish your wardrobe and add some charisma.


Materials used always vary by model. Look for cotton, linen, and worsted wool on the lighter models and expect nothing less than super fine wools on most of their lines. Wool and cashmere, and wool and silk blends are becoming increasingly popular so ask your retailer about these options for a soft feel and classy jacket.


You’ll be able to find your classics but this designer does not shy away from interesting patterns or bolder colors. Look for plaids, pinstripes, solids, and windowpane variations in all of their collections.


Like most suits, you’ll find a range from $1,000 to $2,000 retail and will vary greatly based on the blend of material and the stitching design. Prices within the “Corneliani” classic collection are not for the faint-hearted. If you’re looking to save on a potentially nice suit, shop around within the CC Collection line.


A very sophisticated brand, Corneliani has remained atop the suit craft for decades. You’ll find this suit being worn by CEOs and executives but find the line that works for you and can establish a classy wardrobe early in your career.

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