David Chu Suits

David Chu suits were originally spawned by the man himself in New York. Born in Taiwan DC brings a fresh look to the table of American suit designers.

Suits by David Chu are made by Taiwanese immigrant David Chu, whose family moved to the United States in the 1960s to open a Chinese restaurant. David Chu grew up in New York and Connecticut and was drawn to fashion design after taking a summer drawing class at FIT, the Fashion Institute of Technology.

When he returned to Taipei to start an export business with friends, his business venture failed and he came back to America and began designing jackets with a sailor inspired, nautical feel.

These suits eventually rose in popularity until Chu formed Nautica, a popular menswear line today. When Chu sold Nautica to VF Corporation, he made $100 million, but retirement could not restrain his creative impulses. Thus, he created Bespoke, a personal line offering custom suits that are hand-made in Italy out of only the finest wools spun in the finest mills.

Chu’s extensive work experience in various areas of the fashion design world make his suits a fine choice for any man looking for a traditional but modern option to add to his closet.

David Chu Suits Style

David Chu suits are extremely well-crafted. The designer has clearly paid attention to detail, which results in streamlined, modern suits in traditional two and three button models.


Materials of Nautica suits (this is not the case for the exclusive Bespoke line, which is sold only in the rich atelier of Chu’s Manhattan townhouse) are lackluster in comparison to the fine cuts of the suit.

This is not to say they are cheap, they are simply mid range quality wools in comparison to other, more expensive and hand-made options. These mid range quality wools, however, are held up by the expensive models, and often have a cashmere or silk blend for added luxury.


Bold colors augment the great styling of these suits. Look for plaids, windowpanes, and pinstripes to add extra flair to your suit.


Typically, these suits retail for around $800 to $1,200. However, being resourceful, shopping online for bargains, and searching for past models should prevent you from ever having to spend over $800 on a David Chu suit.


Men who value style over luxury but still do not want to sacrifice quality in a suit should seriously consider these suits.

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