DKNY Suits

DKNY suits, also known as Donna Karen New York, were founded New York, 22 years ago. With stores in major cities everywhere, they’ve expanded their fashion line to include women’s wear, accessories, underwear, shoes, baby clothing, and jeans. They provide a fresh, new, forward thinking look to American suits.

This company makes everything from formal wear to leisure outfits and provides a man with a full lifestyle outlet. Their fall/winter and spring/summer collections balance trendy with classy, and a suit from this designer with the right adjustments from a professional tailor can have you looking sharp in no time at all.


DKNY generally stays ahead of the style curve, as their suits exhibit modern and streamlined cuts with sloping shoulders and thin waists. In fact, DKNY began by exclusively creating women’s apparel for the first eight years.

The DKNY Men label began in 1992 and has been producing stylish suits since its inception. Look for something fitting, medium sized lapels, multiple inner pockets, and flat fronted pants.

If you feel like your swimming in the jacket but your pants fit, do not buy the suit and accept that you need to size-down your coat. In fact, if the shoulder pads extend much at all beyond your shoulders, find a jacket that doesn’t because you don’t want a tailor attempting to restructure your entire top half.

Here is an example of a suit made by DKNY. It is a classic three button suit paired with a light blue shirt and a nice dark tie.

DKNY Suits Material

Do not expect the highest quality materials to be used in DKNY suits. Instead, expect wools with a slight mixture of nylon. This provides a more flexible, wrinkle resistant suit, for a slightly cheaper price.


DKNY produces classic and fresh colors including dark and bold charcoal grays, blacks, and blues. This designer’s accessories and shoes, however, do not shy away from innovative looks and bold colors.

If you want to add some color to your classic suit, look into a red, yellow, or brighter colored tie. If you have a navy suit, consider pairing it with some brown leather shoes and a matching belt to exude a mature, but stylish look.


Prices retail at about $500. Expect to find sales at around $250 to $300.


Men looking for a younger fresher look at a low price point should look into this lineup.

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