Dolce Gabbana Suits

Dolce Gabbana suits are crafted by an Italian fashion house that has seen tremendous international success in the past twenty years. The company was founded in 1985 and within twelve years were turning over more than $630 million dollars in revenue. By 2005 their turnover almost broke $1,000 million dollars. To reiterate, that’s approximately one billion dollars!

Apart from selling just about everything, they dedicate a large portion of production and design to men’s suits. With stores and boutiques in over 20 countries, we have to ask the question: are we paying for a luxury suit or a marketing giant?

Dolce Gabbana Suits Style

Fashion forward and full of flare, you will not have trouble standing out in a Dolce Gabbana suit. While not all of their suits are as flashy as their brand, this is not necessarily an everyday work suit, especially for those in a conservative line of work.

Outlandish patterns, designs, and cuts all represent this brand. Do not wear D and G to your traditional office job but do wear this trendy designer if you want some compliments on a night out.


Simply put, they use everything. For some of their suits in the $2-3,000 range, you’re not getting hand sewn individuality or as high a quality of wool as you would in other traditionally classic brands. Dolce and Gabbana lie at the sharper and slicker end of the spectrum so if you want to sport a suit that shows attention to detail and professionalism, try a different designer.


Dolce and Gabbana creates nearly everything, from Dolce Gabbana suits in traditional solids to animal print designs. Pick a color, a wild pattern, or an unorthodox cut and it properly exists somewhere within their catalogue.


There a wide spectrum of prices so shop around until you find something that matches your budget and beware of the multi-thousand dollar suits. Don’t let the salesperson sell you exclusively on the brand name because its catchy, trendy, and says nothing about the quality of your cloth.

Ask if the jacket is fused or whether or not it’s canvassed, whether or not certain areas have been hand stitched and what about the work put into the suit sets it apart from other luxury designers.


These designers produce cutting edge suits and favor progressive fashion. Buy the model that suits you best, but don’t let the brand name lure you into a sale in which you might not have otherwise engaged.

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