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Wearing suit accessories with your dress up clothes has never been easier. Everyone should know by now that good suits will need to be accompanied with dress shirts, ties, shoes, and socks.

A poorly put together outfit can make even the most expensive suit look terrible. Conversely a person can take a suit that cost them next to nothing and make it look fabulous.

On this page I’ll go over the main items that you can expect to wear every time you wear a suit. Go over the first four items before moving on to the next eight.

Once you’ve mastered the first four, you can move onto the more advanced items below them. There I’ll go over optional items as well as winter options for keeping warm.

Click into the next few categories to get a better handle on the essentials and then come back to this page to learn about some of the more advanced suit accessories.

Suit Accessories by the Numbers

1. Mens neckties are an art form all to themselves. People go to great lengths to properly match their ties to every other part of their outfit. The tie really does pull everything together.

2. Learning how to tie a tie is a simple process to learn and very hard to forget once learned. However, if you do forget, you can always come back here and relearn.

3. Mens dress shirts are an important part of formal wear.

4. Dress shoes and socks come in many forms and can really help finish off a perfect outfit.

Now that you have a better handle on the essentials we can move onto dress up clothes accessories 102. In these sections you’ll learn about:

1. Suit sunglasses are a bit different than the ones you would wear to the beach.

2. Mens Cufflinks are often associated with tuxedos, but they can be worn with suits as well.

3. Tie clips are great for those that have to walk around windy cities all day in their suits.

4. Pea coats are a great alternative to bulky trench coats.

5. Trench coats are great for keeping both your upper and lower body warm.

6. Money clips are less bulky than wallets and can help keep your suit pants flat against your legs.

7. Pocket squares add a touch of color to a normally bland breast pocket.

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