Escena Suits

Escena suits come to us from a New Zealand based company that provides some of the finest fibers you can find. The brand has been very successful in making contemporary style clothing. Catered to fashion forward customers, Escena offers a progressive New Zealand tailoring in a classy and sophisticated manner.

Escena Suits Style

Styling of this suit is clean cut and modernized to portray a more youthful appearance. The ready to wear suits are designed in a slim, form fitting fashion.

Look for unique patterns that emphasize the bold and confident cuts that this designer creates. This could be a great option for a recent graduate working in a progressive field such as the entertainment industry. You will stand out, but not obtrusively so.


Materials are versatile and include both wool and cotton. Wear wool in winter months and cotton in the spring and summer time heat. The cotton suits will be cheaper, but don’t be too easily swayed into purchasing these. They wrinkle more easily and are generally considered worse quality by suit connoisseurs.


Colors vary greatly but for their more progressive models they lean more towards the bright side. In their defense, they do provide a lot of dark shaded suits to align with the fashion theme this season, and fashion theme in general with regard to suits. If you already have a couple of classic suits in your wardrobe, cream colors make a nice addition to the lineup.


Prices for ready to wear Escena suits are at the modest price range of about $500. Here’s an opportunity to get a middle of the row quality suit without damaging your wallet.


Men looking to wear a more modern suit or sport a contemporary look without all the trappings and vestiges of the older models will be very happy with these suits. Do not expect a fully canvased suit with the most attentive hand-stitching on which you’ve ever laid eyes, but do shop around until you find something that truly fits your body and its unique features.

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