Etro Suits

Etro suits are very trendy. They create some of the more fashion forward suits on the market while retaining a high quality image. You can find these in higher end department stores like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bergdorf, and Barneys.

Like most high end suits, these come from an Italian fashion house – etro – that also provides fragrances, menswear, and a women’s collection as well.

Neil Patrick Harris and Reuben Moss are but a few celebrities who have been photographed sporting this designer. They have a more trendy appeal to them than some of the other suits in their class.

This company is still a family owned operation, with Kean Etro running menswear and his sister, Veronica Etro, directing womenswear. Let’s get into some of their defining characteristics.

Etro Suits Style

This designer’s suit models are usually thin and streamlined with high gorges. The cut of the suit is perfect for the slim, yet not so tall man. They balance their often-outlandish colors, patterns, and materials, with classic Italian tailoring.


Material for Etro suits are usually lower spun wools. The quality and price of this suit comes more from its designs rather than fabrics. The price of this suit also comes with the popular brand name and marketing efforts pursued by Etro.


Colors come in a few traditional shades but consist mostly of diverse, unique, and widely trendy hues. Etro’s signature look does not shy away from bright monochromatic suits, bold colors, and unconventional patterns. They feature the paisley pattern on a lot of their men and womenswear.


Look to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,200 for this suit. However, due to the trendy nature and popular appearances of this suit, you can usually find them at pretty steep discounts.


Men looking for a fashion piece to add to their collection might want to check out this designer. Don’t make a neon yellow Paisley your first suit, but if your wardrobe looks a little dry and you have some disposable income, go for an Etro. They also have several cotton suits for those uncomfortably hot summer days.

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