Evan Picone Suits

Evan Picone suits can make a nice addition to both a man and woman’s wardrobe.

The latter, however, is the target demographic for this designer. They have a huge retailer base and wide variety of suits, but Evan Picone is definitely a brand that targets female lifestyle for women just starting their careers.

A quick Google image search of Evan Picone will leave your first page almost exclusively filled with women’s dresses, shoes, suits, and skirts.

That being said, they offer some masculine options so let’s stay on topic and discuss their advantages.

You will, of course, find these in department stores like Macy’s, JC Penney, and Nordstrom, but shop around online since they are not the most high-end brand and you will find incredible discounts.

Evan Picone Suits Style

Styling is halfway between conservative and trendy. The designs find a nice common ground for all around versatility.

Two buttons are more prevalent than three buttons, but both are available. Evan Picone displays a traditional American look that is casual with a hint of refined tailoring.


Fine worsted wool for summer suits and heavier wools for the colder months. You can probably find some cotton models for those muggy days, but don’t show up to an important office meeting in one of those. Summer materials are much lighter but can be worn in the winter with a nice coat.


The color ranges please a wide audience as they have multiple conservative looks and trendy hues.


Prices retail in a wide range somewhere between $200.00 and $800.00. However, online vendors crush local retailers with markdowns and discounts.

If you’re paying anything close to $800 for a suit from Evan Picone, you’re getting ripped off and you should reconsider. You can find a Canali, Brooks Brothers, or more reputable men’s suit brand within the same price range.


An all around nice suit but let’s be honest, they are not catering their look or devoting production to men’s suits. Don’t look for anything awe-inspiring, but if you find yourself admiring Evan Picone suits in a department store one day, don’t feel like you’re doing yourself a disservice.

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