Geoffrey Beene Suits

Geoffrey Beene suits are among some of the most popular department store suits sold around the world. You can find these suits in stores like Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, and Neiman Marcus.

These suits have been around for over 50 years and only continue to get better with age.

Company Motto

Differentiating itself from other designers, Geoffrey Beene LLC donates 100% of its profits to causes that matter. All net profits from their products are donated to philanthropic causes like Alzheimer’s research, Save the Children, Cancer Research, and educational funds to support students studying fashion.

Geoffrey Beene, a medical student himself who dropped to pursue his fashion career, passed on September 28th, 2004 due to cancerous complications.

His unwavering support for continued scientific research represents a quality much more important than the way one dresses. Ultimately, it is nice to purchase a suit from a company whose motives and motto better society in a variety of ways.

Geoffrey Beene’s fashion experience has led him to be one of the few American designers to be inducted into the Fashion Center Walk of Fame.

Geoffrey Beene Suits Style

The style of this suit is traditional, classic, and formal. This suit provides a great style for interview and office wear. Expect to find mostly two and three button models and single-breasted jackets. Geoffrey Beene will not release anything gaudy or too progressive but continues to provide quality suits that create a sharp dressed man.


Colors are seasonal and you can find a wide gamut of different blues, blacks, browns, and grays to choose from. Pinstripes and plaids are also introduced in various models to add a splash of unique pattern to their suit.

If you have a couple of Geoffrey Beene’s in your wardrobe, try a brown suit with one of their pale blue shirts for a refreshing combination from your favorite designer.

Their shirts, ties, and belts go very well with their jackets as this company has done a great job of managing their brand.


Fabrics come in silk and multiple types of high quality wools. Models are created in traditional materials and wrinkle resistant materials.


You’ll find Geoffrey Beene suits priced out between $100 and $300, which is a bargain for this type of quality.

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