Gianni Manzoni Suits

Gianni Manzoni suits are nice little additions to the Italian suit family. This designer is well rounded and makes garments ready for business or a night out on the town.

This being said, I wouldn’t consider them top of the line suits. Gianni Manzoni suits are nice suits, but you won’t find too many people comparing them to suits from Brioni.

Gianni Manzoni Suits Style

Gianni Manzoni suits are typically conservative with midrange size lapels and designs in traditional solids or pinstripes. The sides of these suits are minimally tapered and the shoulders are heavily padded – typical of Italian tailoring. If you can pull this off at your office, then you can leave it on when you clock out at five and head to town with your friends.

For those who work in a more conservative business sector, you may want to stray from an Italian designer suit.

With Gianni Manzoni, you won’t find any fully canvassed suit jackets, but you can expect some pick stitching, dual vents, and fitted suit models to choose from.


The materials used in these suits are mostly finely spun wool ranging from super 100’s to 150’s. These suits are good for wearing year round but if you want something that will last, demand a high quality wool that balances fineness and durability.


You can find Manzoni’s in every traditional hue, with some bold colors like Ivory and Khaki.


Gianni Manzoni suits will set you back $200.00 – $400.00. Shop around and try to get one of the higher quality wools – you’ll thank yourself later as it will last longer.

There’s really no point in spending a couple hundred dollars on an article of clothing that is not going to keep up with you.


As we mentioned before, Gianni Manzoni’s are not necessarily bad suits, but you want to beware of designers who manufacture a product, manage their men’s collection, and then throw an Italian name on it to exude a false sense of handcrafted, family-tailored perfection.

If you’re buying this suit online, and you may want to consider it from the fiscal perspective, be sure you have a trustworthy tailor to whom you can take your suit for an honest opinion.

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