Gieves Hawkes Suits

Gieves Hawkes suits and their long history of performance.

Gieves and Hawkes are a top-tier, bespoke men’s brand, headquartered in Savile Row, London. Founded in 1771, they have been around for over 200 years, one of the oldest bespoke tailors still in business.

Gieves and Hawkes main objective upon first inception was to create clothing and uniforms for the British Army and Royal Navy. Since then, they have expanded their retail operation to include a wide array of modern luxury suits and menswear.

Gieves Hawkes Suits Style

The current styles of this designer stem from revisiting past models and molding them into modern classics. Look for streamlined models that conform perfectly to a mans body.

Although the company is now owned by a separate company in Hong Kong, you can still expect a classic English look. Keep an eye out for minimally padded shoulders, strongly tapered sides, and an authoritative fashion.

Gieves and Hawkes prides itself on made to order bespoke garments – suits that truly fit a man’s body on an individual basis.


Materials consist of the highest quality wools you can find. These suits are an absolute luxury – you won’t find a company that uses a more comfortable fabric.


Both dark and light shades are used with no favor shown towards either one. Look for a color that you can wear year round to get the most value from your purchase. A lighter gray, for example, may be more apt to double as a work and “play” suit, so to speak. While maintaining a professional feel, a light gray Gieves and Hawkes can also project a progressive fashion statement, especially when paired with a nice dress, complimenting tie, and strong pair of leather shoes.


If you’re looking for the Mercedes Benz of men’s suits, look to pay a minimum of $4,000 for a bespoke Gieves and Hawkes garment. They are, after all, luxury. For something off the peg, you can find a suit for less than a thousand at a department store.

Within a similar price range and quality, you’ll find Zegna suits. At this point you may want to ask yourself, for a little bit more, do I want a potentially higher quality Zegna suit?

Your answer shouldn’t be exclusively influenced by price, as these are two different types of designers. If you want something more sleek and Italian, spend a little more and grab a Zegna. You will be, however, perfectly happy with Gieves Hawkes suits, especially if you want to sport that classy, English look.


Men willing to pay whatever the price to find the perfect suit should look into Gieves Hawkes suits. Buy this suit and you will be among upper level executives noblemen who share your taste in high quality clothing.

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