Gucci Suits

Gucci suits can be found all over the runways and in most designer stores.

Gucci has a long history and has been making products since the 1920’s. They started out making leather goods in Italy and have gradually expanded to all sorts of other fashion related products.

Suits made by Gucci today tend to appeal more towards those wanting to wear suits without ties to clubs and other night time events. Generally you won’t see too many Gucci tags on the inside of suits sitting around the boardroom table or hanging off of chairs in cubicles.

Gucci Suits Style

The jacket is usually tight around the shoulders and streamlined to the belly. Current trends in their pants are low riding hip huggers tapered down to the ankles.

If you take a look at the Gucci website, you’ll notice that there are only two ready to wear suits listed and they are both two piece two button models(October 2011).

Of course this is in their ready to wear lineup and you’ll find that there are many more options when you buy bespoke Gucci suits.

Style Tip

Wear this suit if you are tall, slender, and not afraid to show off your curves. Do not wear this suit if you are adverse to tight fitting clothes or trying to hide your beer belly.

Materials range anywhere from cotton and silk to more traditional wools.

Colors run the gamut – if you can’t find your color it probably doesn’t exist.

New models can be pricey so be prepared to have your credit card in hand. A typical ready to wear model will end up costing about $3,000.00 at full retail.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find a bargain if you shop around, but just be aware that there are many Gucci counter-fitters. The great deal you think you are getting might not be a great deal at all.

Buy this suit if you are deep into the fashion scene or want to look like you are. Make sure if you have the body for it though.

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