H Huntsman Suits

H Huntsman suits are another one of Savile Row’s finest suits. These suits can and will impress anybody that sees you in them. In fact, Forbes has named them in their top 10 suit brands to buy.

The reason for this is that this company has been making suits for over one hundred and sixty years. As their website rightfully acknowledges, they have dressed nobility, heads of state, and heads of business.

Some of their patrons include Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill, and Bing Crosby.

Although this company is now synonymous with Savile Row tailoring, Henry Huntsman was making suits for almost six decades off of Savile Row. He started the company up in 1849 and it wasn’t until 1921 that they moved on to Savile Row.

H Huntsman Suits Style

High attention to detail and miraculous stitching makes for a fabulous suit. Look for models with perfectly sloped shoulders, interestingly placed pockets, and intricately cut arm holes.

The company also prides itself on making the jackets just a little longer than their competitors. It feels that this adds a more natural look to the suit.


Huntsman actually produces its own tweeds. This is interesting since many suit companies will buy their materials from outside fabric mills. In fact, many suit companies all use the same mills so the fabric is the same whether you go with brand A or Brand B.

The mill they use is almost five centuries old and is one of the oldest mills around.

You’ll also find super fine wools spun at 160pp as well as merino and mohair.


Colors are usually on the more traditional side with a classy designed undertone pattern. Look to find something that matches your color and time of year.


H Huntsman suits can start in the $3,000 – $4,000 range and only go up from there. This is a high quality suit and you will not find bargain basement prices on any of their models. They do not compromise with quality in any way.


Men looking to get noticed for their individual style should look into wearing this designer’s suits. Just be prepared to pay for them.

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