Haggar Suits

Haggar suits have been around since 1928 and can be found locally in most department stores. They are an American company and retailers all over the United States sell both their suit separates as well as many of their other pieces of fashion.

Because of their wide array of clothing options, you really could have an entire outfit comprised of Haggar items. They sell ties, shirts, belts, wallets, socks, and even shoes.

Styling comes in both utilitarian work models and more trendy styles. Look to find larger than average pockets with large flaps.

Haggar suits are obviously not hand sewn, but many of today’s suits are not hand sewn. Generally, the more parts of your suit that are hand sewn, the more the suit is going to cost you. This does not mean that all machine sewn suits will be cheap, but typically they will be much less expensive.

Materials are mostly lower quality wools which keep prices down low. The suits are always fused, so don’t bother asking whether they are full canvas, half canvas, or fused.

Although the materials might not be something to brag about, this does not mean that they will wear out too soon. The technology used in making fused suits has come a long way and does not always hurt durability.

All sorts of colors can be found from this designer. These are great models for a man looking to buy a lower range khaki or tan suit.

Price points are low and retail in the $100 to $300 range. This is mostly because of the lower quality material rather than any styling or image problems.

Men looking for a stylish looking suit at an affordable price will do well with this brand. Also, young men would do well to buy a brand like this since they grow quick and buying a more expensive suit may very well be a waste of money.

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