Hardwick Suits

Hardwick suits are created in ways that make them perfect for tailoring to an individuals needs. The company likes to say that they make suits that can fit any man regardless of his unique body style.

Hardwick clothes was started in Cleveland TN and has been around since 1880. This makes them the oldest privately owned clothing manufacturer in the United States.

The company makes all sorts of suit separates in a variety of styles, materials, and patterns.


Styles range from two button, three button, and double breasted models. Cuts vary to the point that it is hard to spot this designer at first glance. Look out for their two main models the Hampton and Hamilton.

The Hampton is a two piece two button suit with a center vent. It is fully lined and has four buttons on the sleeves.

Hardwick suits are made out of worsted wool and are advertised as year round suits.

Hardwick also offers a summer line up full of seersuckers and cotton – polyester mixes. These suits come in bright and vibrant colors and seem more festive than office worthy.

This being said, there is a cotton and polyester Hardwick in a navy blue which may be acceptable in some offices.

One can choose between pleated pants and flat from pants. The pleated versions are typically lined to the knee.


Materials usually consist of worsted wool for summer and spring or a combination wool, polyester, lycra for year round models.


Colors come in solid, pinstripe, window pane, and even mixed weave variations.


The price point of these suits is very reasonable and you should be able to pick up a nice suit for less than three hundred dollars.


A nice low cost suit for all around use. The person looking for a respectable suit at a low price should look into this designer’s suits.

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