Hart Schaffner Marx

Hart Schaffner Marx make fantastic garments by any industry standard. Classy 3 piece suits, powerful business attire and much more come from this company.

The history of this company dates back to 1887. Over the past 124 years, this company has expanded from Chicago to a big global market.

Those looking to buy American should seriously consider looking into this company for many reasons.

Hart Schaffner Marx Suit Breakdown

The Hart Schaffner Marx suit was the first suit to come ready to wear in a wide variety of body styles.

Innovations such as the zipper in men’s pants, all wool suits, and fabric testing laboratories have all sprung up in the HSM facilities first.

Have you ever worn a pair of Levi’s button fly jeans? If you have, you can thank HSM for freeing you from them.

Just imagine having to unbutton four or five buttons every time you pulled your trousers down. That is a world I don’t want to live in.

This being said, you still will not find a wide product line from this company. They have decided to stick with what they know best which is now and will always be mens suits.

Traditional patterns and cuts with a well rounded lineup for a multitude of different body types defines this company’s style.

Wool dominates the HSM scene but some blends can be found in their older suits as well as their newer models. For instance, the company is currently, (October 2011), selling flannel suits for the upcoming cold weather.

Colors are limited to the more common hues but versatile enough to fit any complexion that might want to wear it.

Retail prices for these suits range from seven hundred to a thousand dollars. Look for discounts on online stores and you’ll quickly find a better deal.

Sophistication and traditional cuts make this suit a nice versatile piece to your collection.

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