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Haspel Suit

The Haspel suit is literally the coolest suit you can buy. This company makes suits that are great for warm climates.

For almost 100 years this company has been designing and creating quality suits for men trying to keep cool in their formal clothes. Almost a century has passed and the company has expanded well beyond its humble beginnings in New Orleans.

The styles of these suits are mostly relaxed – they are warm weather suits after all. This suit makes a perfect leisure or casual suit. Wear these to outdoor social events and feel cool all day long.

People searching for suits to wear to day time summer weddings, yacht parties, churches, and other formal warm weather events might look into getting a nice seersucker suit made by Haspel.

Materials have traditionally been seersucker and 100% linen. In recent years however, the company has moved towards new age materials and has even expanded to the traditional year round wool suits. New materials include perfect poplin, pinfeather, and madras.

Colors can really get light, bright, and festive. Look to easily find any summer or spring color in this lineup. This being said, you should be able to find a suit or two in a more subdued color as well.

Prices can be as low as $300 dollars which makes this suit the best value for a summer suit on the market.

This company really does make the best spring and summer suits on the market. You won’t find another company that comes close to providing this quality at such a low price point.

Haspel Suit Example

haspel suit

This is a picture of a Haspel suit being sold by Men’s Wearhouse. As you can see, it is a seersucker suit and it is very light in color.

The suit has been made to wear as a Southern summer suit and probably shouldn’t be something you wear down on Wall Street.

This is of course assuming you are not one of the protesters down there.(October 2011) These people are wearing all sorts outfits you wouldn’t normally see on Wall Street.

I wouldn’t say that you have to have this kind of suit in your closet and I certainly wouldn’t suggest it as a number one suit choice, but if you are in the market for a relaxing summer suit, you can’t go wrong buying from this company.

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